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What’s included?

(2) PWR50HV

(2) Lin 2

(1) LCU40HJ

(2) Zen 2 (available colors)

Ditec PWR is the new range of electromechanical actuators for swing gates in residential, condominium, and industrial applications. They are designed and developed to ensure quality and strength while making installation and maintenance easy.

(Ditec PWR 50 series) and one 230 Vac motor for wings up to 5 m.

SIMPLIFIED installation

Reduces the time needed to install new motors on the PWR series by 60%!

  • automation system includes asymmetric mechanical opening and closing stops
  • one-handed installation:┬áthe hexagonal impression makes it easier to attach the actuator to the column
  • pre-drilled plates for fast installation, with robust bushings for optimum distribution of forces along the front connection pin
  • installation mounting tool includes a spirit level to perfectly calibrate heights in a single step

THE RIGHT AUTOMATION SYSTEM for all applications

  • set-up for remote manual release, useful when the automation system cannot be reached during an emergency
  • magnetic limit switch provision (only on PWR35H) for more accurate speed adjustment
  • ideal solution for applications that require fast opening and closing


  • precise adjustment of mechanical limit stops directly on the screw (PWR50H, PWR50HR, and PWR50AC)
  • magnetic limit switches already assembled and wired (PWR50HV)
  • slotted mounting plate to quickly and easily weld the bracket


The 24-Volt DC virtual-encoder technology enables constant electronic control of the impact forces and immediate obstacle detection, ensuring that the operating device stops or motion is reversed (if configured) when obstacles are detected. If this is not enough, you can add magnetic limit switches (on PWR 35, already assembled on PWR 50). Additionally, in the event of a power outage, the electronic control panel intervenes, activating the batteries which ensure the correct operation of the system.

The innovative proprietary continuous position monitoring and control system (Ditec Virtual Encoder) is available also in 230V AC version, thanks to the new control unit Ditec LCA, letting you control motors without encoders with the utmost precision and safety.


Thanks to the protected loading valve inside the manual release area, universal lubricant (type EP1) can be added simply using a manual lubricator, with no need to disassemble the actuator.


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