Gate and Door Systems.

We are proud to introduce this new brand to our list of products.

CAIS makes the best cantilever and sliding gate hardware, made with the highest quality standards.

Combining experience and high strength materials result in a fairly attractive product, in addition to its simple but avant-garde design.



At CAIS, we are committed to producing the finest cantilever and sliding gate hardware in the market. Since our inception, our primary focus has always been on delivering the highest quality products. This dedication is evident in every aspect of our work, from the passion and commitment of our workforce to the meticulous attention to detail in our packaging.

We firmly believe that it is the small details in hardware that can significantly impact the lifespan of our products and the performance of the electric motors that drive them. With this in mind, we have conducted extensive research and development to ensure that our gate hardware surpasses industry standards.

To achieve this, we collaborated with the renowned BRNO UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. Together, we studied the load distribution across the wheels, bearings, and carriages of our gate hardware while under the stress of a moving gate. The findings of this research both surprised and inspired us, leading us to reimagine our product and strive for even greater precision.

One crucial aspect of our pursuit for excellence was sourcing the highest quality materials. We meticulously searched for galvanized steel that possesses exceptional durability and does not crack under rolling. Additionally, we sought steel with precise tolerances and ideal chemical composition to ensure optimal performance. Our search led us to our German supplier, WUPPERMANN, who provided us with the perfect steel that aligns with our ambitious standards.

Furthermore, we made significant investments in our manufacturing capabilities, recognizing that it is the heart of our company. We installed a state-of-the-art roll forming line, equipped with 18 large precision rollers. This unique setup allows us to make minute adjustments until the rolling process achieves perfect straightness and accuracy, meeting our own exacting standards.

At CAIS, we take pride in delivering gate hardware that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our relentless pursuit of quality, coupled with cutting-edge research, meticulous material selection, and advanced manufacturing techniques, sets us apart in the industry. We are confident that our products will continue to impress our customers with their longevity, performance, and attention to detail.


With improvement in the hardware and the growth of the market for industrial parks and condominiums, there has been a resurgence of interest in space-saving features. The traditional sliding gate need enough room of completely clear back space for the gate leaf to slide into. The Triple Cantilever Telescopic Gates are used when there is no room for the traditional sliding or a swing gate or for architectural effect. According to building experts, the cantilever telescopic gates are considered as “one of the top ten most overlooked items when many architects and builders plan a home“.

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