Privacon Fences

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Specialist in fencing systems and assembly accessories.

PrivaconFences is a manufacturer of fences, suitable for every environment. Our products are often supplied to other fencing companies, whereby the production under the private label the identity of the customer is guaranteed. Because Privacon has its own production facility, we can more than live up to our motto ‘Strong in customization’. Privacon has years of experience in producing and supplying fences and gates in all shapes and sizes.

We have a wide standard range, but because of our flexible production device, many custom-made designs are possible. Durability and safety are guarantees to our atmospheric fences!

Our Products

At Privacon Fences you can choose from a complete range. From the most diverse standard systems to fully customized solutions. No question goes too far. And of course, next to standard system components, you can also contact our proud partner Kras International for all the assembly accessories. Privacon Fences offers to every fence-question a closed answer View.

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